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Friday, August 17, 2007

An Exercise in Forgiveness

I like this exercise from Francis Campone. It's available as a podcast on the website.

You must forgive yourself first.

Say: "I forgive myself for everything I have done that I was not happy with."



within 3 months it will be out of your consciousness and then you can open up to forgive others in the same way.

Forgive instantly so you can move on and live in the moment more easily.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My New Favorite Magazine: ODE

Ode is a print and online publication about positive news, about the people and ideas that are changing our world for the better.Ode was founded in the spring of 1995 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands by Jurriaan Kamp and Helene de Puy. Kamp, a former editor and correspondent with the leading Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, and de Puy wanted to create an alternative to mainstream publications, a magazine that was open to new inspirations and new visions from around the world. The cover of the first issue - a close-up image of a radiant woman laughing out loud - captured the joy and spontaneity they wanted Ode to embody.

For the first nine years of its existence, Ode was published in Dutch. But in the summer of 2004 Kamp and de Puy, who are partners in marriage as well as in publishing, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to launch the English-language edition of the magazine. Ode now appears ten times a year in both English and Dutch, with a worldwide circulation of more than 100,000. Over the past 12 years, Ode has helped make the 'alternative' media space more mainstream. The magazine profiled people like clown-doctor Patch Adams, guru Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil long before more conventional publications made them household names.

During this time, Ode also built a community of readers who are passionate about the magazine and the issues for which it stands: positive social, environmental and economic change. Because these readers have a lot to say for themselves - and to each other- Ode created a new webiste that allows them to communicate, socialize and contribute to Ode.'s mix of print and online journalism with user-generated content and social networking makes it unique on the Web.

In print and online, Ode's aim is to bring a new reality into view, to explore opportunities for positive change in our daily lives and our daily minds.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kathleen Meets Dr. Emoto!


i can't tell you how many dreams came true in two days,muchas,muchas! on the train ride from barcelona,i had a thought,this is it!

the part of the journey to see dr.emoto,who i have followed his work and loved it for has felt like a big part of my mission in life and i thought who knows, maybe this whole journey is to just meet someone on the train and give them a smile or some kind words.i chuckled at the question,do we ever really know why we feel called to go certain places and meet certain people, do we really know what our mission is? do we just make it all up anyway?

Read more at Get Your Dream On!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What if It Really Works?

I had my first experience with an amazing healer named Francis Campone today. He is a friendly, warm, engaging man from Glasgow Scotland who is currently practicing in Austin. The healing experience is quiet and I felt immediate effects.

Francis will be interviewed on the internet radio show What If It Really Works? tomorrow, Thursday August 2nd at 4PM PST. If you miss the show, you can download the podcast in a couple of days.